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Multilogic’s solutions enable your company to safely and gradually become an organization that is characterized by  innovative solutions, based on automated knowledge

If you need expert activity automation, agile development, or artificial intelligence (AI) -based applications, we are the ideal partners to help you with our business and IT solutions, intelligent information systems and over twenty-five years of experience. With our strong research and university network, as well as our insights gained in prestigious international projects, we offer an excellent solution to every challenge.

What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

Intelligent automation
Authentic decision making
Product life cycle management

Our Products

Our Products


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Dr. György Strausz

Dr. Iván Futó

Mária Flórencz

Ágoston Nagybán

Dr. Ákos Szőke

Gábor Kőrösi

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